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Default Brisket smoke ring

I am having problems getting a smoke ring on brisket. I use a BWS gator with sand in the water pan and a pan of water on top of it. I trim up the point so no fat is left on it but do not fully seperate it from teh flat. I leave a little fat between the point and flat and a quarter inch on the baskside of the flat. Then I brine with 1 cup salt and 1 cup sugar per gallon of water for 4 hours. Then inject with Butcher block and rub with a combo of Smokin Guns hot and Uncle Erneis and let set for 4 hours. Then in the smoker at 250 with wicked good charcoal and cherry wood till it hits 165. Then wrap in fiol till done. It turns out very moist and tender but no smoke ring. Any suggestions?
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