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Default Links in your signatures. the past few weeks, several sigs have been pointed out to us(me and the mods) that have links to other sites in them that do not conform to our guidelines. We have a few rules regarding linking offsite in your sigs.
We do this simply for one reason. That link will appear in EVERY POST you make, so we require a few things in return.

1 - No commercial sites that is NOT your own. NO SALES or Advertising unless you have a Vendor Section and Subscription.

2 - No forums, regardless of who owns it. So if the site has a forum, sorry, no ticky. Theres many reasons for it, but the bottom line is we dont want to be a portal.

3 - ALL SITES linked to in signatures from here, must have a reciprocal link on the landing page that your link points to. That means if your going to link there from here, you MUST have a link back to here. Its only fair. If we are willing to display your link in EVERY POST you make, its not to much to ask for a link back here. The return link should be easily located and NOT buried in a corner somewhere.

if anyone wants to use a graphic to hotlink, just right click my avatar and copy that.

We have been real lenient in the past, but since we had a few issues pointed out, I just did a few spot checks and the 7 of 10 links I went to did NOT have a reciprocal link.

So, heres the deal. A friendly reminder.

If your linking to your website from here, please ensure your linking back. The return link should be on the landing page of the link you display in the signature and not buried in small text somewhere. Again, we are displaying your link on EVERY ONE OF YOUR POSTS. Be fair, and have the link back here where it can be seen.

If you can not, or dont want to link back, then remove the link from your signature. No hard feelings.

We will be randomly checking links. If we discover one that does not have the reciprocal link, we will remove it from your signature(as stated in our rules document). If it returns prior to the reciprocal link being put in, your signature then gets shut off completely.

Sorry to be hard nosed about it, but we must enforce our guidelines or we will become one big ad space.
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