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Starvin - Just a heads up, that's the same weekend as Fairfield's West Coast BBQ Championship. There were two comps in S.F. last year, but I'm not sure which comp your talking about. I do remember one being a Rib Cook-off of sorts and a lot of people came from there pretty upset after having to pay $15 at the door and more for the ribs which ended up running out.

I'm not saying not to go, but be warned. As for the Fairfield comp, you are guaranteed to meet some great people. There's a backyard division as well. You just might want to compete in that. It's Chicken, Tri-tip & Ribs. It's a great way to start out and get your feet wet. You are also allowed to use gas grills.

Here's the Wiki page at CBBQA:

Although, you won't be required to come until Saturday, you'll be mixed in with the rest of us & can camp out and learn a few tricks. There will also be a potluck Friday night.

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