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Default Chopped/Sliced Brisket

In my life I've never considered chopped brisket except when it came to ends. I've had a situation arise where I own a kitchen in Missouri and cost per pound of brisket is coming into my attention and getting good even cuts of that thru the point is an exception.

I'm only serving 3 days a week (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) and it's not always to my perogative to just serve sliced. The menu I'm serving is very's Pulled pork sandwich, sliced brisket, beans, coleslaw and potato salad. This is on top of the appetizers. I have a regular corporate job, didn't advertise and sold 30 plates the first day, 70 the next and close to 100 on Saturday.

The other thing I have to consider is that my daughter will be with me for the school year, I'm a rare exception....she lives here with me during school (dang! 7th grade!). I have no family here, she'll be my help. :-)

Here's my real question, I'm not bitching...I promise. I wanted to just make things across the board and serve sandwiches....pulled pork, brisket...etc. Is it acceptible to just chop the whole brisket for sandwiches?

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