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Got Wood.
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Thanks Bob. I took my existing barrel out to a friends over the weekend and burned for several hours. I started it off with 4 chimneys of red hot lump slowly started adding some oak pallet pieces. Once I got the fire raised up 8 - 10 inches of red hot coals I filled the barrel with oak pallet slats and let her rip. Once it started to settle down, I went out and cut up about 150 lbs off of a fallen maple and shoved all that in too.

6 Hours into the burn, the wood was still standing out the top of the barrel and she was flaming away. Not sure how long it flamed but I know it went on for a good long while.

My UDS in the making is comin home this afternoon for a power wash and a good scrubbin. I sure hope that fire was hot and long enough. Guess we will find out.
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