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Default My first Pit Beef - I need opinions from american pit masters

Hello folks,
I've been far for a while but here we go with another recipe from your culture. Maybe you don't remember me but I do remember you!
I have alway the same obsession: I want to learn from you to all the techniques and use the italian cooking style to make a new kind of barbecue. To make it possible I've to know well hot to make a great american barbecue and I'm studying a lot even if, for the time being, it's not possible to me travel to america to attend classes from masters.
So here I am to post my work asking for your ideas and reviews. I need to improve my knowledge so please donate me some minutes of your precious time to light my road.
Ok, let me start with the recipe:
No secrets for you. I made the rub with....

1- tblsp salt;
1- tblsp black pepper;
1 tblsp garlic powder;
1 tblsp oregano;
2- tblsp sweet paprika;

The meat is half trimmed buttock.
Brush some dijon mustard and sprinkle with the rub. Wrap with plastic warp and let absorb the flavor overnight in the fridge.
I made the horseradish sauce (as the original recipe) grating the horseradish into a tbsp of vinergar just to keep the heat.

I make the sauce with mayonnayse, sour cream and horseradish.
After I made kaiser rolls by myself cooking them in my gas grill. It's easy to find the recipe...

While cooking kaiser rolls i put the meat on the grill. As far as I know, the pit beef isn't smoked but grilled.

I grilled the meat until reaching 140F internal.
After I made very thin slices to keep tenderness...

Mounted into a kaiser roll with lettuce and horseradish sauce..
That's all...
I wait for you verdict!

God bless america!

Greetings from Italy....
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Can you share with me 3 secret to make a perfect rub and perfect sauce?

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