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Originally Posted by BFoster View Post
The advantage to me was that a store here had it for about $200 less than MSRP...and I bought it. IMHO without the addition of the mod that let's you cook at a real 'low and slow' temp, it's worthless as a smoker. If you set it on 'Smoke' setting, which I did the first night cooking some butt' have a great chance of your fire going out. I thought I messed something up and tried again the day after...woke up at 3am to check the temp...and the pellets had gone out...cold.

What happens is, an auger runs pellets at the 3 different settings...Smoke, Medium and High. At 'Smoke' it runs for a minute and it's off for 3 minutes ( just recalling) in those three minutes, the pellet(s) that was on fire can go out. You'll wake up the next morning with 10 pounds of dry unfired pellets in the bottom of the pit. It happened to me twice in a weekend.

I know it's assholish, but I refuse to buy the $170 mod that makes it actually be a smoker.

i was going to get a Traeger before my egg. For some unknown reason they had discontinued the low smoke feature (180 smoke) and stuck with a 225 low smoke. Everyone who had purchased a Traeger before had no issues but lots of people after the conversion did. The Traeger "outlet" in Oregon, offered the remainder of the stock of the original, but now has a "new" version they must have had made. You can buy it now with the 180 smoke. I think one of the major complaints was that the 225 isn't really 225 at grid temp. It just didn't seem to work as well as it should have.
As for smoke flavor, I have eaten off a buddies traeger, and it was great, full of smoke (he quickly grilled a steak).
I mention the Traeger Outlet in West Linn, and found their BBQ (they cook food there, though it is reheated) was lacking in flavor and quality.
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