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My dad was born and raised in Ensenada, which is about a 1-1/2 hours drive south of Sand Diego, into Baja California North. I grew up going back and forth to Ensenada for a good part of my childhood, into my teen years. In Ensenada, they have a very many taco stands. Beef, pork (al pasto/adobada), and fish. The fish tacos I grew up with are pretty much like a beer battered fish. I found that they tend to use Maco Shark.

The batter is like this flour with mustard with salt, pepper, oregano, and a few other spices mixture. They fry the fish in one of those "discos" until its nice and crispy. Then place in a tortilla and put some Pico de Gallo on it, and then, the kicker is this sauce they use. I have been trying to figure out this sauce since I can remember. It is some sort of like sour cream type sauce, with maybe a little bit of mayo. I just can't figure it out, but the sauce makes these tacos for me.

Needless to say, I LOVE these fish tacos. They also make shrimp tacos using the same batter. My mom use to make those here at home (she still does, I'm just not living at home anymore!). We just never got that cream/sauce down. She has since passed on the batter recipe to me. I have it written down on some scrap of paper at home somewhere and will make some of those tacos every now and then. We have used other types of fish, but I beleive the Maco Shark to be the best type of fillet for the fish tacos.

There are a couple of places near me that make fish tacos that are similar to the Ensenada Fish Tacos. Many places CLAIM to make them "Ensenada Style". I go in, check them out, and come out dissappointed most of the time. One place near me, in Anaheim Hills called Seņor Baja makes the closest thing to those fish tacos I have had. They even come extremely close with the magic sauce.
I also remember the clam cocktails... mmmmmm. The dude (at a different stand) would shuck the live clams right there in front of you, in his little wood cart, place in a plastic cup with some clam juice, ketchup, lemon juice, and some vegetables, some chopped chile if you like. DAMNIT I have to go back to Ensenada. It has been so long. Thanks for bringing those memories back!
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