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Default Stupid Barrel Burn Question

So I have aquired a barrel. I started a big ol' fire in it and burned it until the fire deptartment showed up and told me to put it out. (About 90 minutes). Did I mention I live in the city and I have a real PITA for a neighbor.

I have a buddy outside of town that is gonna let me bring the barrel over to his place and burn it out properly this weekend. Trouble is, I am not sure what the heck I am doing and I need to get it right.

How long do I burn it? I assume there is a visual way to know when I am done. The barrel has blue paint on the outside (with some character added by some surface rust). The inside appears to have a deep red coating on it. Might be worth mentioning that the red surface had some white streaks on it that looked like latex paint but felt a little harder.

After my 90 minute burn, 85% of the outside is white. The bottom 15% around the air intakes is still blue. The white almost looks like a thin layer of ash.

Inside the barrel is a thick soot and ash covering over the red pigment. It is still red. Almost reminds me of a hard acrylic coating. I can wipe the soot off and some red pigment comes off as well but it is still red underneath.

I need some help figuring out how to burn it clean. How hot, how long, method to use, lid on or off?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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