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Default Lessons learned last weekend

Fired up Big Bad Betty (DBS) last weekend. Did ok on the food side... however found a few issues to be resolved next time.

A. No place for the grease to go... hence the next mod. Using the existing twin ribs on the drum... drilled, installed conduit nuts, and secured with JB weld... (2) 3/4" pipe fittings with 45* elbows for grease drains. Did a little ball pean hammertime to provide a primitive channel between the drains.

B. The drum damper flanges... use male flanges on the upper drum and female flanges on the lower drum... simplifying proper drainage.

C. Use plenty of temp resisistant (fireplace) cement on the flanges.

D. Accessorize from items found at a big truck chrome/stainless shop.

Will be firing up early (3 AM) for another trial for my lil sis' birthday... her first time with my BBQ. Three racks ribs, 24 wings (12 italian/12 greek), and too many ABT's... enuff to cause residual side effects.
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