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Originally Posted by osx-addict View Post
Just to let you know.. I was able to partly cure (haven't finished yet) my re-done firebox (using Rutlands Furnace Cement) in my large 48" oven for 3-4 hours -- at least 100 minutes at 150 one day and some more time a few days later. I've also had it up at 200 for a few hours.. So far so good.. I've got no bubbles but never got above 200 -- I've been side tracked with a REALLY bad case of kitchen ants that have been keeping me REALLY busy cleaning and trying to track them buggers down.. PM me if anyone reading this wants an easy recipe to get rid of the ants in ~8 hours.. It was too easy -- we've been fighting these damned critters for >2 weeks now.. I was able to go from literally thousands of them to "1" in <8 hours.. Sorry for being a little OT -- I've got to get my clay pot back up and running. I may have to jury rig the draft door after I whack it into submission until I can buy a new one. I'll be trying my hand at electrolysis on the grill if I can find a large enough container for the electrolyte solution+grill.. I'll post some more pics when I'm done.. (or further)
OSX: Great to hear that your cement has not bubbled (yet). Keep it low and slow. You know what happened to the rest of us. If your draft door is stuck or as rusty as mine was, it'll perform better after de-rusting, whether by hand or electrolysis. Mine was so rusted out that I had to strip the heads and punch out the bolts to remove it from the cooker. And no, penetrating oil didn't help.

My grill is pretty rusty too and I haven't been able to find a 16.5" round grill anywhere, so I give up on finding a new one. I'll also try home electrolysis for de-rusting the grill.

As for a non-conductive container, I'm thinking a large plastic garbage can would work. A kiddie wading pool too if you have one. If my garbage can isn't large enough, I will rig up something shallow and line it with thick plastic.

If you electrolyze your grill before me, please post pics as the shiny clean metal will be sure to spur me to action on mine!
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