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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Default Me TOO!

I just inherited and egg that looks an awful lot like the one you have there on the piece of plywood. Mine is also orange with green paint and mine also has a firebox broken into about 7 or 8 pieces. I have been trying to figure out what glue to use. I was going to use fireplace mortar cement but it cures at 1200 degrees and I'm not sure the firebox would take that kind of heat. So now I have a small little tub of black furnace cement but if you go on the Rutland web site it seems as if all the hi-temp glues are not for exterior use. Have you had good luck anyway? Is it the temp swings or the moisture that makes them fail? Do you know if, once the glue has cured is it safe to use around food? Also, the furnace cement I found says it's for metal to metal joints. Will this stuff work on clay just as well?

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