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Originally Posted by Plowboy View Post
Shouldn't this say brought to you by Plowboys BBQ somewhere?

Good job bringing it to life, Paul. Are you going to run with some of the other ideas?

Historical results - See results from each contest by drilling in on the push pins

Personalized profiles - teams and judges can set their own schedules for the year. You can see where a team has been and where they are going.

This could turn into a social networking site where people start looking at the schedules of their friends and/or rivals. You can choose to go to or avoid a contest based on who is planning to be there.
Historical results are there. Click on any contest from July 6 or eariler and you should see a link for the results. Would you rather see the results emedded directly in the info window?

The profiles and networking stuff will come but that's a little more involved from a development standpoint. If folks like this type of format, I might get something up in time for the 09 season.

There's a lot of functionality that can be added to this application. Contest ratings and reviews, weather overlays, street level camera views of the contest sites, team maps, ranked team maps, rep maps, etc. Unfortunately, I'm a one man operation and I'm not very good or very fast and easily get distracted so it may take a while.
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