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Originally Posted by Hook_Line_and_Sinker View Post
Note to this: if with one valve and one cap open you don't get temp ... check the following
  1. if you have 100 lbs of butts and brisket - your meat load is HIGH - it will take more fire to heat a large load to temp - or longer time to cook at lower temp
  2. Lid or exhaust openings - 8 ea 1/2 holes in a flat lid is the minimum - none caped or closed - bigger exhausts up to 1 in should only be attempted with great caution - so if you have less than 8 1/2 holes get them, if you have them check the other items listed
  3. moist fuel - charcoal absorbs water vapor and this will give you temp problems, keep it dry and in sealed containers
  4. patience - the UDS is controlled by the air intake - any changes to the air intake my take up to 30 or more to settle - wildly changing the intake and opening the lid every 5 minutes will only get you erratic results - have a drink take a chill pill and have faith
  5. spend some quality time with your UDS when its new to get a feel for how its going to run for you - then you can set it and forget it - really
Nice beginner guide HLS!
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