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Originally Posted by 1_T_Scot View Post
No Picks of the brisket yet? Did it happen?
It happened. There are pics for proof, and thanks for asking. I'll start a new thread with the pics and the full story shortly.

Originally Posted by 1_T_Scot View Post
Thanks for the tip on the Lump. Does Costco have the deal where if you are not a member you can pay a % to buy there?
I think they do, but it has been so long since I've joined I can't remember. (this may also be a senior moment but how could I tell?)

Originally Posted by 1_T_Scot View Post
How do you like the Primo Jr? I am thinking on either the JR or XL like the oval Idea.
As I look at some of the amazing set ups some on this site have, I am reminded equipment envy is something we never grow out of. Having said that, I REALLY enjoy my Jr. The majority of my cooks are for 3 or less people and there's plenty of room with the oval shape. You'll see shortly that it fits a full brisket easily as well. Having said that, if we entertained more I would go with the XL.

I used this Costco lump for the brisket. 9 1/2 hours and the Jr easily could have gone another 4 I think. The lump burned pretty clean and certainly not too fast.
Primo Jr - and proud of it!
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