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Would that be a 6 pack, a 12 pack or a case? 6 UDS painted as your favorite beverage would look very cool --- but how would you make the plastic holder?

I am thinking a 6 pack will be good for right now. Now if only I new an artist who could paint the drums for me since I don't have that talent.

As for the rings...I am thinking of buying a large piece of lexan and CNC milling out the holes for the "beer cans" and then putting that on to look like the plastic "flipper killer" rings.

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Oh, well I wanted to do what you did and you talked about getting it blasted.
The company I got my first drum from did that themselves. It was included in the cost of the drum when I bought it.

You can always look in the phone book for a bead blast shop. Or search the internet. They are all over the place buddy!
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