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Thumbs up Got A Free Egg Nest !!!

One of the neighbours came back from a 2-month holiday and I showed him Project Humpty. Tells me that he has a dolly that should fit Humpty. He'd been trying to throw it away for a couple of months, but the garbage boys kept on leaving it behind every week. "Do you want it?" he says.

Turns out to be an original EGG NEST!!! It fits perfectly!!! Even has 2 locking wheels.

The neighbour's a retired carpenter. He built an Egg table for one of his clients a while back. The cradle came with side tables which he took apart and may have thrown away. If so, it should be pretty easy to make up a couple of new side tables.

The Egg Nest raises the Kamado higher than the original dolly. I can see it'll be easier to use the wiggle rod or clean out ash.

What amazing synchronicity! I'm one happy grateful camper!!!

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