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Default Pork Loin = Boneless Pork Chops

I guess I am the probably the last Dude in the universe to figure this out

We love Pork Chops and shop for thick ones all the time. Hard to find nice thick ones, so we do without.
And, they charge an "arm and a leg" for thick "bone-in" chops, when we can find them.

Now, I discover that "bone in" pork chops are just baby back ribs with the loin still attached!
Cook the "loin" part correctly, and the "rib" part is tough as can be.
What a waste of good ribs.

So, we now just buy loins. I cut them into 1.5 inch chunks and vacu-suck to store. Just two of us eating most of the time.
Thaw those puppies and grill them when we want chops.
Sometimes, I slice a pocket so Mrs Kapn can get creative with some stuffing.

Anyway--I fess up.
Never put that together before and sure wasted a lot of time and money.

Kinda like where the butcher cuts up a $1/lb butt and sells it for $2.99/lb as "Pork Steak" or "Country Style Ribs"!

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