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Originally Posted by parrothead View Post
I have never seen such a thing. If selling by the slice around here it is kept in a controlled temperature and humidity invironment until sold.

I can't believe that any health department in this country would allow that.
I don't recall seeing one place in NY (probably hundreds if not thousands) with anything like you described in your area. Believe it or not, I think most areound here think that as long as it's sitting out it's fresh (even with the hardened cheese) and if taken from cold to oven it is old.

Plain slices (neopolitan & sicilian) typically go quickly during peak hours but final slices can sit out a while. Anything else like specialty topping slices (white pizza, marsala, ziti or veggie toppings etc or things like calzones, sausage/chicken rolls, stromboli, pinwheels etc. can sit there all day and may potentially be from the day before as well.
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