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HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!! I am new here and looking into building a UDS. As it turns out..... I won the Kingsford 22.5 grill in a contest and will be getting it in a few weeks. I already have a grill, but thought a new one would be cool. Now I find out it will likely fit my UDS (when I get around to building it), I think it's fate.

Hopefully a food grade steel drum will be in my yard when I get home from work one day next week! haha

Hey buddy.....

Thanks for recommending this site! I can find some drums for $10 here in the BUS on craigslist. Where can I get it ball blasted or whatever it is you are talking about.

Don't worry about not taking notes throughout this thread, just make sure you take notes while you are building it and when you go back through this thread.....that way you can help me make mine better than yours! hahaha

no need to get it blasted. Just do a couple of burns and it should take care of all that!

I just got a call from a guy answering my ad on craigslist (drums needed). I am calling them when I get home because they use a ton of drums and usually scrap them. I am gonna take them off their hands for free and see if I can build a fleet of UDS
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