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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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You read correctly. I just smeared it around with my hand and tried to get it even, but didn't. I don't know if I'll bother to fix it, as it isn't that bad. It just wobbles a bit. I'm just going to call it a gangster lean, and move on.

I was so eager to get cooking that I cut corners which is causing even more work now. Today I took the bands back off. They'll get a good scrubbing tomorrow and a fresh coat of paint. I also painted the bottom of the egg with the same paint that I painted the top. I scrubbed and repainted the bottom damper and installed it and caulked it with a high temp copper core silicone. Finally, I put a BGE gasket on it. If I buy new casters for the dolly then I'll paint that too. I even broke down and bought a metal top.

Basically, today I did most of the work I should have done the first time around. Don't make my mistake. Doing it right the first time is easier than undoing your work and doing it right later. The question is, what is right?

As you noted, the JB Weld doesn't work at all. It cannot take the heat. The firebox repairs I made are all coming apart. The thing that concerns me is that the furnace cement is bubbling in areas where I didn't apply JB Weld. The bubbles don't crack when pressed though. My guess is that the egg was exposed to the elements and absorbed water which couldn't escape. I let you know if the same thing happened to the base tomorrow.
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