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Question To Mortar or Not To Mortar? (bottom)

Originally Posted by Jim_Beam View Post
I mortared the bottom of mine inside and out. If you do it, make sure your coat is even or you firebox will rock a bit.

Don't ask me why I know that.
Thanks Jim, Am I reading you right? You uunevenly mortared the BOTTOM inside and outside and it made your firebox ROCK? You ROCK!

How's the mortar surviving? Is it still adhering nicely to the walls or is it cracking and flaking off?

I'm dragging my feet on mortaring the bottom because it involves more work and I'm sort of getting tired of tending to Humpty. I guess I should do it NOW as extra insurance. It'd be easier than doing it 10 cooks later after it's cracked again and all dirty and sooty.

I'm just needing a strong PUSH from you guys to get the energy to mortar the bottom. Push/Pull? Yay/Nay? What do ya'all say?

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