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Originally Posted by yelonutz View Post
I have to wonder how much of this is a safety factor for the big boys. Kind of like if you go into a restraunt they have a three place sink. The third tub has a sanitizer in it. How many of you, growing up, had mom wash the dishes, run them thru a sanitizer then rinse and put away. By the same token, how many times did Mom give you a glass with lipstick stains? How many home cooks hit everything with a bleach solution after working with chicken? My Mom never did and no one in the house ever got sick. I will cop out and put pink salt into my smoked sausage but it will bother me until I have a concrete answer.

The word botulism comes from botulus, the Latin for sausage. This toxin has been killing people for that long. There's a good reason sausage needs be cured / fermented / dried with care.

Pass it on. yelonutz handles his sausage with care.
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