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Is lookin for wood to cook with.

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Default Drum Smoker:

I got my drum smoker completed and did a second test run today. Temps have held between 200 and 235 for the last 12 hours. Couldn't ask for better temps.
I put in three 3/4 intake vents in the bottom using ball valves on two opposing holes.
Only using the 2 inch and 3/4 inch exhaust holes in the orginal drum top.
My charcoal ring is six inches high and thirteen inches in diameter and holds approximately twelve pounds of briqs and it probably will burn 15 to 16 hours total which is far more than needed.
All I'm waiting on is some much needed rain so I can do my burn out. We haven't had rain in months and we are under a NO BURN ban here in Western NC.

Thanks to all you guys for all the info that was posted on this topic.
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