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Post Repairs with Stove & Gasket Cement (3000 F rating)

Swamprb: Maybe I got a bad batch of JB, but the stuff completely turned to powder in the firebox, despite being careful about not getting too hot in the 4 firings it had.

The temperature did briefly exceed 550F in Cookout #3 (Fire #4) this past weekend, but was brought back down as soon as noticed (5 minutes maximum). This happened when I turned my back while the coals were ashing up.

The repairs continue....

I found a Stove & Gasket Cement that is rated to 3000F. Supposed to have excellent adherence and sealing properties. Hopefully, the stuff won't flake off or crack as easily. The higher temperature rating should also help it survive in the Kamado. S&GC dries quickly, so wetting it down with water helped.

I used the S&GC to repair the firebox.

Had to clamp down the firebox to align the pieces. Things aren't fitting as nicely as the first time.

Added some weight to help things fit better.

The JB-welds in the base also got covered with S&GC.

Tomorrow, I will apply High-Temperature Furnace Cement over the entire firebox, all the JB-Welds and wherever I applied the Stove and Gasket Cement. The HTFC has a 2000F rating.

Hoping to wrap things up soon. Never counted on so much work....
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