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Originally Posted by CivilWarBBQ View Post
On my table this past weekend we had a box that contained two thighs, two leg quarters and four wings. In such a situation each judge takes a single piece and the last couple people get whatever is left. I don't think it's good practice to send in a box this way because:

A) Your scores will be hard to interpret because each judge is sampling something different.

B) The last judges see the full box but the type of piece they wanted to try is not in the box when it gets to them.
the last people at the table get whatever is left anyway, thats why the order of choosing is changed up, no?

the judges are each sampling something different anyway, the same piece of chicken isn't passed around.

if the judge wanted breasts and a whole box of thighs come in do they get pissed and mark it down? no reason for a judge to mark down a perfect leg because they wanted a wing

I think the argument that having one that you think is very good and one that isnt is valid, because it is hard to choose. I would choose to grade the better of two entries, and score the one that I thought was better
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