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Unhappy Humpty Survived 3rd & 4th Firing - Repairs Planned

Originally Posted by swamprb View Post
I know the feeling! When I rebuilt my Large Imperial Kamado it developed a crack in the dome after I painted it also.

I'm repairing the cracks in my BGE and you've really got to have a clean surface for the furnace cement to adhere to, the edges I've feathered flake of very easily, unlike the claypots.
Thanks Brian. I'm feeling slightly dejected about the new cracks.
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The good news is that the Kamado held up to an intense weekend of BBQ activities (food pron later), WITHOUT showing additional crack propagation other than the ones noticed earlier.

However, some parts of the JB-welds look like they're melting, as a couple of weld pits have shown up. JB Cold Weld is "temperature resistant" only to 500F.

The maximum temperature did briefly exceed 550F (T-gauge limit) as the coals were ashing up, but I brought it back down.

  1. Clean out the Kamado. Degrease and de-soot.
  2. JB over old welds.
  3. JB new cracks.
  4. Mortar over JB.
  5. Let dry and cure several days before baking out.
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