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Originally Posted by BlueHwyBBQ View Post
This exact situation came up three weeks ago. A brisket box had 7-8 slices of brisket and 4 chunks. The table captain called the rep over (a very experienced rep) and the rep said that since there were 6 or more individual servings the box was ok. No DQ.

OK... The consensus here is no DQ. I can live with that since there are 6 servings, but apparently I am not the only one who wondered about that based on the experience above. So, three thoughts...

1. Why take a chance on someone else wondering about it and calling it to the rep's attention and
2. What does this do to the judges opinion if they see two types of meat and only end up with one of them and
3. as mentioned, if one of the two types sucks, you run the risk of a judge ending up with his or her only choice is the sucky meat.
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