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Default Posting links to other sites, blogs, news, pics etc.

Posting links to other sites, blogs, news, pics etc.


Brothers and Sisters,

When posting about topics that you've seen on other sites or on blogs, please post here a snippet of the article(or whole thing) or enough of the original posting so that your fellow Brethren can glean enough information here to understand your point. Don't make us leave our home to read information on another blog or website that may be extraneous, fluff, or just for the sake of boosting your hit count.

Since you find the posting on another site interesting enough to send us there, post enough to get a feel for it and then link to the blog. Let the members decide if they want to read more. If it's a recipe, add it to our recipes section, photos - add them to our photo albums. Just be sure to credit the source. Let’s continue to build the Brethren knowledge base.

It's OK to include links to the original posting AFTER the copy of the original text(giving proper credit), but don't be blatant about it or post gratitious links. It comes across as pimping and an effort to increase your hits. Blatent "READ MY BLOG" posts will be removed by moderatorr and subsequent posts may be monitored.

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