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Originally Posted by Spydermike72 View Post
Sorry to hear about this Pat, I guess the HP-EDS deal didnt work out for you. Now you can focus on catering!!
Ya know, the way that I see it is that doors may get closed but God opens better ones. I am really trusting Him here. I believe that I am to really commit to Patrick's BBQ and get into the festival circuit. I have 2 that Im good on and Im working on 4 more for this year.

If these go well I'll be just fine and I'll be able to voulenteer more time serving others. That is really where my heart is at anyway.

It's kinda like skydiving, you agree to go, you suit up, you get in the plane, you take of, you get to altitude but you never jump. I guess that I got booted out of the plane. The questions is.... Will I pull the ripcord when I get scared or will I let God tell me when to do it.

Stay tuned...
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