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Originally Posted by thillin View Post
Looks good. Add coal all the way up to the fire ring.

PLEASE DO NOT fire a clay Kamado like a Big Green Egg!

I can't stress enough for anyone with a claypot to download the manual for the pre 1976 BGE from the Naked Whiz!! You risk overheating and damaging all the fine work you've put into this. Start out with the suggested amount of briqs/lump and add as you cook.

I just got a Medium Sakura Hibachi Pot Kamado from my BIL's brother that will be my next restoration project and when he told me that he filled up the firebox EVERY time he cooked it was no wonder the thing is in pieces.

I would suggest using furnace cement over the JB-Weld joints. I only say this because I was using the claypot base mod in my WSM and it cracked-I pieced it back with JB-Weld and after a few cooks it cracked at the reapair. It was not in direct contact just the heat sink in place of the waterpan. A little insurance as I see it.
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