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Lightbulb Pardon my manners...

I'm forgetting my manners. Wasn't sure how to respond at the time, so am giving my belated appreciation for all the advice and encouragement EVERYONE gave (on and off this thread)....
  • Waterloo - I may just do some electrolysis yet. Thx.
  • Smokin Gator - Thanks for the Lodge trivet link. And yes, HE does look great!
  • Swamprb - Brian, THANKS for all the great advice! Your Imperial Kamado Restoration posting was what I studied before jumping in to do my own repairs. Took a lot of the unknowns out.
  • MostlySmoke - Yep, only one Copper Cooker out there; he's not part of any lemming pack!
  • Brauma - Mark, still kind of wishing the copper to be that "new copper" color, but it still came out great. Humpty is looking quite dapper!
  • Professor Salt - Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed the photo documentation and slideshow as I didn't want to overpost on the pics. The fish avatar is one of few allowed for newbies. As a newbie, I'm not able to post my own avatar (yet).
  • Jonboy - One Wiggle Stick coming up this weekend! The Great Pumpkin is now one of Humpty's aliases.
  • Crome - Glad you like the copper!
  • Thillin - Ok, will be loading the firebox more. Was too timid before.
  • Cabntmkr1 - Thanks for the pat on the back.
  • CivilWarBBQ - The restore turned out better than I expected. A piece of cake compared to TomJax's Extreme Makeover. Even though I didn't use furnace mortar over the JB, everything is still holding together after the bakeout and first cook. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  • Browser - When I first saw the Kamado, there was never any doubt in my mind that I would restore it. Some of my buddies did think it was an eyesore and better off in the landfill.
  • CaptGrumpy - I'll be sure to watch my temperatures!
  • FatDaddy - Hope you can get to your restore soon - I sure enjoyed mine.
You guys are all great!!!

Cobb Barbeque

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