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Originally Posted by Plowboy View Post
No one has more impact on KCBS competition BBQ than the CBJ instructors. They shape and mold those that will soon determine the fate of dozens of competition teams. I've heard crazy things coming from CBJ instructors like "white meat will be dry" or "brisket cut thinner than a #2 pencil is undercooked and tough".

Does the board know what is being instructed? Is there a "train the trainer" course for CBJ instructors? Do Board members audit CBJ courses to monitor what is being instructed?
Hi Todd, good question.
White meat will be dry? Not my white meat. I have not heard that.

There is a part of the class discussing brisket. The instructor will indicate that cook may adjust his/her product by the slice thickness. If it is too tender, a thinker cut. If it is tough, a thinner cut. This discussion is part of the "pull test" for brisket.

The #2 pencil is an IBCA standard, not KCBS.

The board does not audit classes. However, I know that Ed from time to time audits classes and critiques the class. If he receives a comment which is of concern he will contact the instructor.

On the Board there are 5 of the 13 instructors. So while there is not a formal audit, the board is connected into the cbj instruction and its content.

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