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Originally Posted by smokeandbeer View Post
I really love my Weber's too. I have done some extreme mods to my 22.5, because I wanted a side burner and shelf, which were chronicled under the FrankenWeber thread and have done a few more mods (added hook for Cast Iron Pan, mounted the grill tools and the propane tank) so here is the final result...

Attachment 16621

Also I made smokers out of two 18.5 kettles I had and those are chronicled under the Bride of FrankenWeber thread, and I have mounted both of these on casters, but don't have a recent photo. So this is basically what they look like...
Attachment 16622

I also made a custom water baffle from some beer cans for the 22.5 chronicled under the Smokin on the kettle thread and have since made a revised version out of a coffee can, and some aluminum tape.

I am thinking I am going to do the Mods to my SJP that JD did, but haven't quite gotten enough time recently.

Love my Weber equipment. Top of the rung for the backyarder like myself IMO.
I love that Kettle Kart. Kicks arse!

Originally Posted by Brauma View Post
This is a beautiful thread. I've teared up twice.

That egg under the deck seems to be giving the kettle the stink eye!

Originally Posted by Bbq Bubba View Post
Hey guys, sorry i missed this thread, been busy lately.
I wanna join in! Bought this to chop up for a Drum until i noticed the date stamp.....wasnt one, meaning pre 79! Classic restore job in great shape!

Also have 2 more Kettles and a Smokey Joe!
Bubba, that's a Klassic. Save her and bring back into service!

Here's my posse!!

My Baby!! An 18.5 BarBKettle, No date stamp!! This was my first grill ever!! I lost my grilling virginity with her!!

Let me find some kettle action shots!!

Here's a pic of the 22.5 A stamp kettle my dad has that belonged to his FIL.

Interior pic of my dad's A stamp kettle. Those are the original grates.

Here's a money shot!

Or this one!

They really are like family!
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