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Talking Humpty, the COPPER COOKER

Mark, the copper color is growing on me. I was really looking forward to having a nice bright copper egg (think brand new SHINY "newly minted" penny). In reality, I was a bit dismayed when Humpty started looking more like a penny that's been around the block a few too many times. I'm reserving judgement until I get Humpty out into the sunlight. He may turn out to be quite a good looking cooker once he's outfitted with black trim....

Just to clarify, Humpty is now starting life as a COPPER COOKER, not to be confused with a COPPER CLAPPER (re: Copper Clapper Caper, Johnny Carson, 1968). Sorry, couldn't resist...

Good point Captain about not subjecting the cooker to temperature extremes. The original owner cracked the Kamado on his first cookout many many years ago. I didn't know there was a difference in T-rating between a ceramic cooker versus a clay cooker. Some of the posters on the BGE forums talk about searing steak at 600-700F, but that must be closer to the coals than at the dome where the T-gauge is usually mounted.

Regarding the original green finish, I was a bit surprised by how chalky it was in prepping the surface for painting. I expected more from a "fired" glaze, but it makes sense if the finish is actually paint.

Brian, thanks for all the links and tips. My cooker looks a lot like your Pachinko unit, which is probably not a coincidence, as Seattle is about a 2-hour drive from Vancouver. The original owner probably bought it there. When I saw your first picture, I thought I was hallucinating... and that my cooker had morphed and someohow changed its trolley cart. Well, all I can say is that my cooker has identical siblings.

About the gasket — the 5/8" rope stove gasket kit I got has me worried - it really is quite thick. I'll be checking out Vaglio's Fireplace for flat fibreglass braid. Anyways, I think I'll mount the gasket on the dome as mentioned by vr6Cop in your previous post.

Regardng the trolley cart, the original owner custom-made it himself. Glad to know you approve. It's now painted with high-temperature Black, as well as the metal smoker top.

According to the Imperial Kamado links you gave, it looks like I've got myself a traditional style Taiwan-made Kamado #4 (if the 16" grill is the deciding factor), or early BGE. TBD.

* * *
Well, here are the plans for this weekend. The gasket is going to go on, followed by a long and slow bake out, plus a test cook. Hope to post new pictures of the Copper Cooker soon.

Cheers everyone!

Cobb Barbeque

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