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Well first off there's no use in suggesting changing the scoring system unless you get a lot of new people on the BOD. Believe me people have been beating this dead horse for a long time now.

Besides I think your main complaint is not with the scoring system but how the judges apply it. So before throwing out the system lets try to educate people. Now that takes time and even then there will be wild cards out there. Always have been. Now if you can get judges to put aside personal preferences then that's great but I think unrealistic. Rather than cooking what you want why not try to cook what the judges might like. And pulled chicken isn't it.

Garnish - it's optional so why do teams spend 2-4 hours making all parsley boxes? Because when that lid opens and you have a full box of meat showcased with perfect garnish to frame the meat they say wow I want to eat that. It's a Kodak moment. And that means you already have above average to excellent scores for taste and tenderness. Or lay it flat in the bottom of the box so it's harder to see and has no contrast with the green color and see what you get. Question - why do high end restaurants use garnish on their plates?

And I do like your logic - well done - send it to the KCBS and see what happens. Posting on Forums doesn't get very far.
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