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I learned on a Webber Kettle more years ago than I would like to admit

I have two 22 1/2" er's now... One dated "B" (was going to be a UDS) and the other dated "DI" (a Gold series). I bought them both new but about 25 or 30 years apart. I also had a spare lid given to me with no date code... "UDS" mod. Saved the "B" from becoming a "UDS" for now anyway.

Rescued two Smokie Joes from "Freecycle" One dated "DH" and the other is dated "DD"... "DD" is going to be used for a mini UDS. The "DH" was "NEW", well it was used 2 times... New enough for me. I use it for grilling a couple of times a week, just my wife and I, no need to fire up the 22 1/2er's after work just for a burger or steak

Not sure why I need two of each I just need more time to used them maybe
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