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I own several, some bought some rescued from certain doom.

I have made two into the magnum cookers, I don't have a pic, but here is a link from where I got the idea and plans from.

our bbq team has competed for going on three years with these cookers, and have a few awards for the effort.

My wife spied a red 22 1/2 someone had set out to be picked up, and upon further investigation we found it to be a complet unit but had a broken leg, and the wheels were shot. I had the spare legs and wheels I saved from the magnum project, so into the car it went.

our team won a 1st place chicken trophy on that weber last year at the MT State championship KCBS style competition in Stephensville. Used the side charcoal baskets to cook the chicken indirect.

the handle fell off of it last year, so I will need to bolt it on, and give it a paint job.
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