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somebody shut me the fark up.
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I was never really into Weber kettles until i saw a Yellow Homer Simpson 22.5" on craigslist for $20. I thought it was one fugly grill! I posted it on the WSM board and people started responding about how rare they were, it was gone by the time I replied, but someone off the site got it. Then someone was lamenting the fact that Weber should not have discontinued the Red Kettles-sometimes these are a dime a dozen around here. So I started picking them up. I'm partial to the Reds and I've flipped a few, had a Green for about an hour and sold it and I'm rebuilding a Genesis gasser with a Blue lid to match a Master-Touch to take to my Moms house. Free to cheep is how I roll with them.

Sometimes they need a little attention and paint

Blue Master-Touch w/rotis ring

Rescued during the Winter months.
Yellow Bar-B-Kettle with no date stamp.

What to do with the stray kettle that you used the lid for a UDS???
Weber Redneck firepit!

It all tastes better on a RED Weber!
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