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Tried some thing new Fathers day on the drum. Cooked with no exhaust stack, just a open bung hole. Filled firebox with 10 lb of K. Put 2 lb of K in chimney and fired it off. Dumped well lit K on top of firebox, left all three holes open and put on lid. Side temp hit 225* center temp was 275* covered 2 holes up 1 open. 10 min later side temp 205* and center temp 240*. It stayed this way for the next hour and 20 min.
Time to put on the jerked chicken. Crips forgot to take out of refer for warm up, this was straight from the refer to the drum. Chicken is on, I do not leave lid off for any length of time. I load, temp and flip by taking grill off drum and replace lid then do what I have to, then put grate back on drum. Side temp 175* center temp went back to 220* with in 5 min I can live with that. Side temp took allmost 30 min to get to 200* center temp stayed around 220* to 225*. 30 min later time to rotate grill, just using open bung did not eliminate hot spot unde exhaust vent, but it did seem to be less (subjective). After short spike Temps returned to 200* center temp now 230* 30 min later time to flip. short spike then settled @ 205* side temp and 240* to 245* center. 30 min later rotate grill temps settled back to 205*side and 245* to 250* center. 30 min rotated grill temps settled in as before. 30min later flipped and opened 1 more hole temps now 230 * side and center was 260* 20min later flipped side 250* and center 280* 20 min later probed thighs temps in chix was 175* to 180 * depending on size. Dinner is on cook time 2 hrs 40 min

What did I learn from this

I do not think you need a stack for cooking, open bung works just fine.

open bung does not eliminate hot spot under vent.

Condensation under lid was nil, big difference noticed. this was 7 lbs of marinated thighs.

Doing a fast finish on the chicken worked very well

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