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I recently purchased a used BWS Piglet. Similar weight to the Competitor, but significantly more space to cook on.

The primary reason I purchased this cooker was ease of use and weight.

So far, I have been very happy with it. It comes up to temp and holds well, is efficient, and effective at producing the results.

The only complaint I have is the casters. They are not meant for rolling over anything except hard surfaces. I upgraded to a 10" pneumatic tire caster setup through Northern Tool (thanks to Pigmaker23). If I were to buy one new, I would buy the casters, and ship them to the factory for installation.

As far as customer service, I contacted BWS today. Talked with Chase. Believe me, they stand behind their product. In short, they are handling a manufacturing defect (thermo location) like pros. Also, please recognize that I am not the original purchaser of the cooker. Their attention to the matter really impressed me.

Before I bought the BWS, I looked at all the vertical water smoker companies. They all do a great job. Some differences, but in the end lots of people produce great Q on each of the brands of cookers. Weight was the single biggest factor for me.

Whether you buy a new or used cooker. Give these guys a try for freight, contact Rick @ Craters and Freighters out of Tulsa, OK. He managed the whole transaction of picking up the cooker at the owners house, crating it, insuring it, and freighting it to Boston, NY. The whole transaction was easy, and reasonable. They are nationwide. This guy has a lot of experience shipping cookers.

Craters & Freighters
1515 West 36th Place
Tulsa, OK 74107
918-447-9600 - 877-887-9600
fax: 918-447-9606

Good luck in your quest! Let us know what you decide.
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