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Originally Posted by CivilWarBBQ View Post
I'm looking at the Competitor in the Backwoods, possibly the medium Spicewine.

I'm aware of the obvious differences in finish and features, the things I'd like to hear from owners are things like:
  • Mobility loading and unloading on a truck or trailer
  • Any rust or leakage issues
  • Ease and method of cleaning
  • Manufacturer support and warranty claims
  • Unattended cook times
  • Hot spots or other idiosyncrasies
Thanks for your help! I like to get as many opinions as possible before buying...

I own a BWS party and love it. I can't comment on the Spicewines, but I hear they are quality smoker's too (as are the Stumps smokers).

Regarding the mobility, I think the lighter BWS will be easier to move although I'm not sure either is going to be "easy" to move around.

Rust. Both are made of metal.

Leakage. The BWS have a nice gasket on the doors. I've not had any issues with leakage.

Cleaning. A clean smoker is a neglected smoker. I wipe the outside of mine down with a damp rag and stainless steel appliance cleaner because I want the outside to shine.

Warranty. I can't imagine either group would want to have disgruntled customers and I suspect they both stand behind their product.

Unattended cook times. Both will give you plenty of unattended cook times (especially if you use a Guru, DigiQII, Stoker or something similar). The limiting factor might be with the water pan, but I got 7 hours of sleep with my BWS party last weekend.

Hot spots. Not that I've discovered, but some say the upper grate is hotter than the lower grate. The lower grate is closest to the water and might affect bark, but I haven't had any problems like that.

Budweiser or Miller. I'm a Miller High Life guy
Ford or Chevy. I'd go with Ford although I don't own either

I'm not sure about Spicewines, but I know there is a strong secondary market for BWS. So if you bought a BWS and didn't like it, you shouldn't have any problem unloading it for a reasonable price.
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