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Originally Posted by HatchQ4U View Post
1st, Seeing I only have a flat lid, would you still recommend your height of the grill racks. I only plan on have 1 rack, (figure I can make more UDS'r, if I need more space) and not sure if I should raise or lower it from your 8" down.

Most important measurment is to maintain minimum 24" from charcoal grate to grill. Keep in mind that I am not finished with my charcoal grate/basket yet.

Next dumb question. I notice in your pics of your air intakes, you only have one with the ball valve. Are the other 2 just capped. If so, what is the purpose of them, or have you just not taken pic's of the other intakes with the valve.

Idea here is if temp has not been reached with 2 caps on and valve full open then reconfigure to 1 cap off and valve closed and opened to get to temp, then 2 caps off (most likely never need 2 caps off). Reverse to lower temp.

And last but not least. With the reading I have been able to get through, there is still the debate on what kind of bolt hardware to use. It wasn't clear in your pics. Are they just standard zinc, or stainless or something different.

I use stainless because of availability to me. If i had to use zinc I would heat with torch and wire brush (avoiding fumes). Probably not necessary but good reason to use weedburner!
Hope this helps.
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