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Originally Posted by CivilWarBBQ View Post
I'm looking at the Competitor in the Backwoods, possibly the medium Spicewine.

I'm aware of the obvious differences in finish and features, the things I'd like to hear from owners are things like:
  • Mobility loading and unloading on a truck or trailer
  • Any rust or leakage issues
  • Ease and method of cleaning
  • Manufacturer support and warranty claims
  • Unattended cook times
  • Hot spots or other idiosyncrasies
Thanks for your help! I like to get as many opinions as possible before buying...


Nice to see you are doing your homework.
I would suggest that you take it one step further and talk or email other owners of the particular smoker you are looking at (Medium Spicewine or Backwoods Competitor ) not just the brand of smoker.
Here are pics of Ed E piece of 2" insulation ( made by Mike @ Backwoods ) sandwiched in stainless steel that acts as a barrier from the Backwoods Fatboy that he uses.
He cooks without water and is extremely happy with the results and it also increases his cook times.This is designed to drain the grease thru the ball valve.

This is Ed's comments about it on the Backwoods website

Mike has been playing around with some mods for dry cooking. I've got a retrofit in my Fatboy and had my Patio built with it. It's basically insulation sandwiched by sheet metal that fits in the water pan. My Fatboy has a permanent water pan and he fixed it where the grease will drain out the valve. I've been very happy. They are super efficient. Just an option you might want to check out.

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