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Originally Posted by Bigmista View Post

I've cooked on both, side-by-side, more than once. Both are great cookers. Both have advantages over the other. One that hasn't been mentioned is the Spicewine has a much larger water pan. THe Backwoods comes up to temp faster because it has lighter metal. The Spicewine will hold temps longer because the metal stays hot. You can keep cooking in a Spicewine an hour after the charcoal has burnt out. That is not a guess. I have done it.
I would be the owner of the BW on the left in this pic...I have had the opportunity to cook on both of these boxes. Your choice is really going to come down to what specifically is more important to you. That Spice is HEAVY...600+ lbs. My BW is ~200 lbs. You can put full pans in the can't in the BW. I was able to cook 18 racks of spares with a little room left over in the Spice...I was pushing it with 10 in the BW. For some odd reason, the Spice would leak when I moved it around the driveway, but the BW wouldn't. The Spice has a nice, huge water pan...the BW is only good for about 4 hours without refilling. The wheels on the Spice look like they've been through a war, while the BW wheels are fantastic, and the wheel locks are easy to use and work well on the BW (the BW is actually a little older than the Spice). I can't understand why the BW has larger, more sturdy wheels than the Spice.

They both are FANTASTIC cookers! If money were no object, I'd have a Spicewine at home and a Backwoods to take with me.
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