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Originally Posted by CivilWarBBQ View Post
I'm looking at the Competitor in the Backwoods, possibly the medium Spicewine.

I'm aware of the obvious differences in finish and features, the things I'd like to hear from owners are things like:
  • Mobility loading and unloading on a truck or trailer
  • Any rust or leakage issues
  • Ease and method of cleaning
  • Manufacturer support and warranty claims
  • Unattended cook times
  • Hot spots or other idiosyncrasies
Thanks for your help! I like to get as many opinions as possible before buying...

For Mobility I would give it to the Backwoods based on weight since it is much lighter making it easier to move around and lift.

I do not have any rust on my Backwoods But I think either as long as they are properly maintained would hold up well to rust. I am not sure what you men by leakage but I do not have any leakage issues with my backwoods.

I would think that cleaning either would be about the same since they are essentially the same shape and the shelves are held on the same the backwoods shelves might be easier to clean but I don't think it would be much of a difference.

I bought my Backwoods used so I have not had any need for factory support but from what I have read from the owner of both smokers that have needed it you can't go wrong either way.

On my Party I run water so my unattended cook time is limited to approx 4 hours before I need to add water, without water I would have no problem leaving it unattended for as long as the charcoal was burning I easily get 12 hour burn times using Briqs in a charcoal basket and just the vents this could be increased by using a stroker or guru. But I see no need for one since it will cruise along all night for me with out messing with it already.

Hope this helps both are such great smokers it is hard to choose between them, the good thing is you can't go wrong either way.
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