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This really is a Dodge vs Chevy, Remington vs Winchester, Bud vs Miller argument.

I have BWS and had the privilege of cooking on a SW this past weekend actually. Either are very good, well made cookers.

I can get a good 5-7 hour burn in my cooker using just the vents and without any charcoal pan mods. I dont have a removable water pan but would recommend getting one.

I like the BW for the mobility it offers, I can easily move it myself on wheels or using a handtruck. Hard to do that with the heavier SW

I didn't like the shelves on the SW, or at least the way they came apart. I also don't know if the heavier material is needed in the shelves. That being said, I don't think you may ever have to replace them. The BWS uses a lighter oven type shelf that I have yet to max out or have a problem with.

The thing I don't like about the BWS is the ergonomics. It is set up so the door swings open to the right making it perfect if you are a lefty but kind of a PIA for us right handed people. I bought mine used, so I am not sure if you can order the door on the other side, but I have never seen one.

I know that these seem like small chit things but I think thats all you can find wrong with either of these fine units.
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