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Originally Posted by KC_Bobby View Post
I could say the same, except replace Backwoods with Spicewine and Spicewine with Backwoods.

Smokinit and iwnly (members of this forum) are both Backwoods dealers.

What I'm trying to say is both are great smokers and you will be happy with either. Figure out which one best fits your needs.

Some differences that I can think of:
Backwoods have insulated doors where Spicewines doors are not
Spicewines are made with thicker metal, Backwoods are much lighter
Spicewine smoke come up directly from the smoker
In the Backwoods, the smoke goes to near the top around on 3 sides, then the smoke leaves the smoke chamber near the bottom and up the exhaust
Another difference would be color selection Spicewines are your choice
and options Spicewine has the hand truck option and the Diamond Plate front doors option
The Powder Coat option, The Tie down option and the optimal option
Correct me if I am wrong on this :)
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