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Default The Dirty Dozen Brethren Pack ** afremaniii for 201.37 **

Several Brothers and I put this thing together. Included are 12 items:

1) 1 Jar of Spicewine Heffer Dust
2) 1 Jar of Spicewine Hen-N-Hog Dust
3) 1 Jar of Spicewine's new rub, Gourmet Blend All Seasoning
4) 1 Bottle of Fire Good Hot Sauce
5) 1 Spicewine Ironworks Sticker, street value of $50.00
6) 1 Bottle of Show-Me Bar-B-Q Sauce with the famous meatloaf recipe
7) 1 Jar of Curley's Famous Hot and Spicy BBQ Sauce
1 Jar of Fat Pat's North St. Louis Rib Rub
9) 1 Bag of Neil's Famous Smoked Almonds
10) 1 lb. Bag of Ron_L's Famous Roasted Coffee Beans
11) 1 Bag of BigMista's Famous Rub.

Please note: These last 3 items are very special and can't be purchased anywhere for any price. They are truely priceless, and damned good too.

12) 1 Mystery Item

And if the bidding goes over $100, I will throw in a second "Mystery Item" making this a true bakers dozen. By the way, that was a hint as to what the second "Mystery Item" is.

Duration will be as long as I wish or Phil cuts me off.

Shipping will be to continental US unless you wish to pay to difference or the bidding goes absolutely insane.

So there you have it. Bidding starts at a measly 10 bucks.

Huummm, item #8 seems to be a really cool item.
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