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Originally Posted by Wulfie View Post

Debate?? All I see is a bunch of folks agreeing that it is a great side dish and contributing some of their personal tweaks to it. I realize that I am rather new to posting here, but did I miss something?
Nope you didn't miss anything.

Debate: a discussion of two opposing viewpoints.

What we have here is a debate. A debate on what is good in a broccoli salad. Cranberries and sunflower seeds or not.

An argument would be bad for the forum. A debate is healthy.

What I like about this place is we can debate and it doesn't turn into arguments very often.

There isn't anything wrong with anything anyone said on this thread. We are discussing broccoli salads.

I shall be leaving this thread behind now, just to make sure I don't continue the discussion and/or debate.

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